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Information on the collection of Users’ Personal Data
For smooth operations of Digital Services as an establishment of higher education, BBS must gather and process Personal Data of its Users in its capacity as the entity responsible for processing in the sense of the general rules on data protection (GRDP).
Users, when registering or filling in a Registration request form for a Programme, may be invited to input additional information including, but not only, their names and place of residence. Additional information could be required to confirm identity, and additional information could also be required depending on the concerned Registration and use of Digital Services.
Users are informed of and accept that Personal Data, collected when they register and during the length of a Programme, is collected by BBS for the following reasons:
- Management of the commercial part of a Registration and the relationship between Users and BBS (please refer to the terms in the article “Personal Data” in the BBS GTC that You have accepted);
- Sending communication to them from BBS
- Allowing them to access the Digital Services to manage their use, meaning, if applicable:
  • Responding to a request for information on the BBS internet site forms;
  • Allowing future candidates to access Talent Day to take part in an entrance exam (or in the selection process);
  • Allowing Students to access Digital Services for their Programme and manage their requests for user assistance of the aforementioned Services.
Conservation time for Personal Data
Personal Data collected is conserved for the following lengths of time:
- For Personal Data collected on the forms accessible on BBS’s internet site: for the length of time BBS requires to respond to the User’s request and in all cases, for a maximal length of time of two (2) years following the User’s last contact.
- For Personal Data required to manage the commercial part of a Registration and the commercial relationship between Users and BBS: for the length of time of the contractual relationship between the Student and BBS subject to Personal Data displayed in the Student’s Account for the length of time this Account is open following the end of the contractual relationship in the following conditions set for in Article “Deleting Accounts;”
- For academic Personal Data for Students (last and first names, Registration years at BBS, Programme (major chosen, exchanges, etc.), degree obtained, grades): for 30 years following graduation in respect of obligation of conservation of archives.

This Personal Data is conserved in a way that respects confidentiality and is only accessible to BBS staff members on a need-to-know basis (administrative and educational BBS staff members). Moreover, in the framework of out-sourcing, please note that some of this Personal Data could be processed by technical sub-contractors and that it is then hosted in the European Union.
Rights pertaining to Personal Data
In accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions, and upon written request, You shall have access rights, rectification rights, portability and erasure rights (for legitimate reasons), to your personal data or can limit their processing.

You can send your requests (with a copy of an ID document to exercise this right) by email at the following address: contact-informatiqueetliberté or by mail at:

Brest Business School
Relais Informatique et Libertés
Direction des opérations 2 Avenue de Provence
29200 BREST, France

Should You experience any difficulties with the management of your Personal Data, you can contact the CNIL (additional information on